Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Meditation Fun

I encourage you to make meditation fun and creative. Don't be afraid of feeling a little silly. After all, if it's fun, you're more likely to do it. Here's an example:

While in meditation at a yoga class, I encouraged all my joints, body parts, cells, and aura bubble spaces to give themselves a big round of applause. Nothing, in that moment, was hurting. This is truly a situation to celebrate. The applause that I imagined/heard was thunderous. It was as if I was in a huge concert venue where the fans went wild for a favorite band. Quite validating.

I didn’t want to let that happy energy go, but I have heard that if we hold on to any energy in our body, we can become stagnant, and that can lead to dis-ease.  So I released it through a grounding cord from the base of my spine to the center of the earth.

Then I brought in new energy by naming the intentions I wanted to bring in. (For each one, I imagined a big golden sun over my head filled with the energy I want and then bringing that energy into my body and aura through the crown chakra.)

1.       Suppleness: This was to counteract some joint stiffness and pain I had been experiencing lately. I asked my body what parts especially wanted this energy of suppleness. All the joints clamored for it. Sometimes, only the joint on the right side of my body asked for it, but I sent it equally to both sides – so as not to show favoritism.Certain parts of my body wanted extra helpings, so I revisited those.  I also sensed that my auro wanted suppleness to help with the emotional buffeting that life’s disappointments and frustrations seem to stir up.

2.       Healthy-foodness: A made-up word, to be sure. But then I love to play with words, so why not? Here, I offered it to all my cells, but then realized that certain areas wanted more. Specifically, the brain, nose, mouth, eyes, and stomach would like to shift from craving junk food to craving healthier choices. Then I was surprised to find out my joints were on that bandwagon, too. They seemed to be telling me that they would feel better if I had more healthy-foodness – in addition to the suppleness – in my life.

3.       Both: So I decided the third intention to bring in would be a combination of the first two. They seemed to want to work in tandem.